A Guide to Play Slots Games in Dhaka Online Casinos

guide to play slots games in Dhaka online casinos

All players who have played slots before will know that slots offer a lot of fun and excitement during the gaming session. Not only this however, if lady luck is smiling upon you during the gaming session, then slots also offer loads of great rewards!

Though slots offer loads of fun, excitement and at times profits, there is one attribute of slots which endear them with millions of casino players. This one attribute we are talking about here is simplicity. The simplicity oozes from the gameplay rules and instructions and transcends to the gaming action itself. Owing to slots’ simplicity, all types of players can enjoy slots from pro players to casino beginners with little to zero gaming experience.

The simplicity of slots however isn’t a license to just jump and start spinning the reels of the first slot machine you see online; no. Due diligence is needed before one start playing slots at online casino in Dhaka. It is in light of this that we have decided to pen this article which seeks to reveal all the important things players need to do before they start spinning the reels at any of Dhaka’s online casinos.

Overview of Slots Machines

The very first thing that all players need to know when it comes to slot games is that they come in different forms. Though slots may look and feel identical, they are not at all similar. The ability to denote the differences between slot machines is very important and its something that all players should have. Generally speaking, we are going to talk about four different types of slot games. Though they are many types of slots, the four types we are going to talk about combined expose all the other factors that distinguish the rest of slot game types.

  1. Classic slots: These are the earliest forms of slots to be developed. Note that even in this day game developers are still designing classic slots albeit incorporating dated elements to give them the classic feel. Generally, such games come with three reels and 1-5 paylines. Landing three identical symbols on the three reels is all it takes to win. Classic slots are associated with no bonus features hence all the gaming action is restricted to base game play
  2. Modern video slots: The majority of the slot machines available in online casinos in Bangladesh today are modern video slots. These often come with 5, 6 or 7 reels and they feature a higher number of paylines. Some do offer hundreds or thousands of ways to win. Modern video slots are associated with bonus features hence it’s a given that when playing such games, bonus features will be incorporated.
  3. Progressive slots: Progressive games are predominantly modern video slots in that they come with higher numbers of reels, paylines and bonus features. However, it’s possible to find a classic game that’s also a progressive slot. Progressive slots are simply slots that feature progressive jackpots
  4. Cluster pays games: When it comes to slots, players generally think of paylines. However, there are modern slots that use the unique cluster pays mechanic. When playing such games, wins emerge when identical symbols land adjacent to each other either horizontally or vertically in a cluster. The bigger the cluster, the bigger the wins. There are no paylines to talk about when it comes to cluster pays slots.

Gameplay Rules and Odds of Winning

Once players become aware of the various types of slot machines they can play – it makes life easier for them to choose the perfect game to play. For the beginners, it’s advisable to settle for classic slots that are relatively easier at first and then play more complex slots as they become accustomed to spinning the reels. On this front, we also want to say players should be cognisant of the gameplay rules and odds of winnings before choosing a game. often, the gameplay rules and odds of winnings are displayed on the paytable section. Just check the rules and know what’s expected from you before initiating a gaming session. The slots odds of winning are presented in a percentage form (RTP). The higher the percentage, the higher the probability of winning.

Reel Symbols and their Powers

Each of the reel symbols that appear during gameplay carry certain powers. Some help the player scoop the game’s payouts when they appear matched on the reels. Others however play a significant role in triggering the game’s bonus features. Players before initiating a gaming session will thus need to go through the paytable section to see the powers of al reel symbols.

Bet Options

Once players have chosen the perfect slot game to play, have read the gameplay rules and know the odds of winning, the next step before hitting the Spin button to get the action going is to set one’s wager. When it comes to bet options, slots differ. There are those that accept the lowest of bets – such games are classified as penny slots or low roller slots. There are however other slots that lie on the extreme end of the spectrum and these only accept high wagers – such games are classified as high roller slots. There are also others that lie in-between. Depending on one’s bankroll, players will need to choose the type of slot they want to play and devise the perfect betting strategy. However, as a general rule of thumb, it’s advisable for players to settle for low roller slots at first as they learn gameplay rules, playing tips and winning strategy. Only when players master these can they proceed to play high roller slots.

Round Up

Slots are relatively simple when compared to other casino games. However, the simplicity of slots is not a license for players to just jump and start spinning the reels of the first slot machine they lay their eyes on. Due diligence is needed in choosing the perfect game to play. Owing to this, we decided to come up with this detailed guide which explores all there is to know about slots.  You may explore more online casino games at Mega Casino World here.

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