Reasons Why Live Casino Games Are Thriving in Bangladesh

reasons why live casino games are thriving in Bangladesh

Technological enhancements of the past few years have greatly changed the online gaming landscape. While back in the day players could only play games on their desktop devices, the advent of mobile gaming technology changed all that making it possible for players to play games on the go. A few years later, another significant technological development emerged that is, the advent of live casino games. Thanks to this technological development, players of nowadays can enjoy some casino games in real time even when playing in the comfort of their own homes!

Since the advent of live casino games, the global gaming market in general and the Bangladesh gaming market in particular have warmly welcomed and embraced live casino games. In recent times, more and more players on a daily basis are showing a tendency of favouring live casino games over other traditional casino games. Inspired by this rise in traction of live casino games, we have decided to expose and explore the reasons that are propelling Bangladeshi players to favour live casino games.

Real-Time Games Played in Realistic Studios

For so long, whenever the question ‘online casinos or land-based casinos’ was raised, many players came to the same conclusion – land-based casinos. This necessitated by the fact that land-based casinos offered a gaming experience that’s unmatched owing to the interactions that take place inside the gaming halls. Well, the emergence of live casinos has changed all that. Even when playing in the comfort of one’s own home, players nowadays have the opportunity to feel like they are just playing in a real land-based casino. This necessitated by the stunning state-of-the-art gaming studios were live casino games are broadcasted from which make everything immersive, beautiful and realistic. As a bonus and as a way of beating the land-based casino experience, live casinos ditch certain practises and etiquette such as the dress code meaning when even in your pyjamas, you can still enjoy a realistic and immersive gaming session!

Enhancing Gaming Strategy

Most Bangladesh casino players know that there are some casino games which can be mastered only if the ‘observance’ strategy is in place. Unfortunately, with the old/traditional casino games, it was impossible to employ this strategy as computers/bots were used as the dealers/croupiers. This however isn’t the case with live casinos. Live casinos do employ real people as dealers/ the dealers execute their duties in real time, players can observe their hands, facial expressions and body language and make some conclusions on what to do next. Some live casino games such as blackjack and poker also do make use of the observance strategy hence when playing online in real time, players can make use of this strategy by simply observing the body language and facial expressions of their opponents. Thanks to this, live casinos make games more enjoyable and much more enterprising and profitable for players who are adept at using the observance strategy.

Interactive Gaming Experience

Back in the day, a high proportion of players favoured taking trips down to land-based casinos because they loved interacting with other gamblers during their gaming adventures. Thanks to the emergence of live casinos, players playing their games online nowadays are able to enjoy interactive gaming experiences. This is made possible thanks to chat boxes where players can initiate discussions or seek help from the dealers and other players by simply typing in a message. Other live casinos have gone a step further to incorporate video streaming services which enable players and the dealer to talk in real time virtually.

Game Bias is Pre-empted

With traditional online casino games, there is a general feeling by some players that some casinos may unscrupulously control the RNGs (Random Number Generators) in their favour such that the casino is always on the winning side. Live casinos however do pre-empty that through the use of live dealers instead of RNGs. With live dealers, players know that they are not automatically programmed to be on the losing side but they have to demonstrate their gaming prowess against other players and the dealer in order to win. Live casino games therefore feel fairer than the traditional online casino games.

Round the Clock Game Availability

Owing to different commitments at different periods in time, some players may have their free/spare time when land-based casinos have already closed shop. In such instances, players will be forced to go a day or a certain period of time without enjoying their favourite pastime simply because their schedule clashes with the casino operating time schedule. This unfortunate scenario is however completely circumvented by playing at live casinos online in Bangladesh. Live online casinos in Dhaka open 24/7 meaning that players have the opportunity to enjoy all of their favourite games at any time of the day or night.

Wide Variety of Casino Games

Live casinos are not restricted by space when it comes to the games that they can offer. One studio is able to host multiple dealers guiding different games from blackjack, poker, baccarat to roulette amongst many others as there aren’t any players (in physical form) available taking up too much space on the gaming tables. This important factor thus makes live casinos ‘bigger’ hence able to offer a wide variety of casino games. There are some online casinos in Bangladesh known to offer 100+ live casino games. Players who settle at such live casinos are thus spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the games to play. This essentially makes live casinos an appealing proposition to different types of players.

Round Up

Many players are now settling at live online casinos in Dhaka. This necessitated by a myriad of factors which have been wholly explored in this article. As a round up, these include the presence of a realistic and immersive gaming interface, the presence of an interactive gaming experience, enhancement of game strategies particularly the observance strategy, wide variety of casino games supported as well as round the clock game availability.

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