Online Casino Slots Tips for Beginners in Bangladesh

slots tips for beginners

Casino games come in different shapes and forms and in huge quantities. Well, while this is a matter of fact, its also true that out of the dozens of casino games available today, the biggest and most popular casino games portfolio is the online slots category. The popularity of this casino games portfolio stems from a variety of factors.

Chief among these is the simplicity of these games when it comes to gameplay rules and instructions as well as the overall gameplay experience. Owing to this simplicity, most Bangladeshi casino beginners find great joy when they settle for online slots. This article is geared towards these players that is, the casino beginners as it aims at imparting them with tips on playing and winning big when playing slots games casino in Bangladesh.

  • Play Games Inspired by your Favourite Slot Themes

The very first thing that we are going to say about online slots is that these games are inspired by different themes. As soon as players start learning about slots, they will quickly realise that the games may come with nature themes, sport themes, celebrity themes among many others. To casino beginners, its advisable for them to settle for slots that come with themes that they relate to or associate with.

This is very important as it raises the excitement factor even before the gaming session starts. It also helps the player to keep going during the gaming session even when a bad patch comes along. So, for the simple fact of raising and maintaining interest in the gaming session, the first tip we are going to share advises casino beginners to settle for games that come with themes they relate to.

  • Go for Games That Offer High RTP (Return to Player) percentages

One of the biggest reasons why players flock to online slots is necessitated by the need to scoop huge payouts during the gaming session. Slots are generally considered one of the most profitable casino games hence players after profits will find slots to be an appealing proposition. On this front, players ought to note that the trick in choosing the most probable high paying games is to go for games that offer high RTP percentages. The RTP is a percentage (sometimes percentage range) which theoretically exposes the player’s winning probability. Games that come with high RTP percentages therefore theoretically are considered to be high paying games hence players are advised to settle for these games.

When it comes to RTP percentages, players need to note that the 95% mark is considered the average mark. As such, any slots that offer percentages below this mark are considered low paying slots. The lower the RTP percentage, the lower the probability of wining. Juxtaposition this with slots that come with percentages exceeding the 95%, the higher the rise above the average ceiling, the higher is the probability of winning. Though it’s not possible to find slots that offer a 100%+ RTP, players ought to note that they can find slots whose RTP rises as high as 99%!

  • Consider the Slot Volatility/Variance

In general, online slots do come in one of three variance/volatility levels. Namely, these are Low, Medium and High volatility. Each of these volatility levels means different things for the player. As such, before choosing a game to play, its imperative that the player takes cognisance of the slot volatility level. When it comes to low volatility slots, players ought to note that these slots do spit out win lines at a frequent basis. Players playing these games are guaranteed of landing winning combinations on a frequent basis.

The trick however with low volatility slots is that their winnings are on the low side. This meaning the wins come frequently but they will be just low wins. On the extreme end are high volatility slots. High volatility slots do not payout frequently. When playing such games, players may go for several spins without landing a winning combination.

However, with such slots, they have a tendency of spitting out the biggest of winnings when the win lines finally come. Medium volatility slots on the other hand lie in between the low and high volatility slots. This simply meaning the probability of landing win lines is average and the potential payouts are also average. When it comes to volatility therefore, it’s a prerogative for the player. If the player is patient enough, then its advisable to wait for the big wins playing high volatility games. If the player however can quickly lose interest when no winnings come, then the better slots to play are low volatility slots.

  • Give Preference to Jackpot Games

Amongst online slots, there are those games that come with jackpots. The jackpots may come in two forms that is, fixed jackpots or progressive jackpots. Fixed jackpot games offer fixed jackpot prizes. Jackpots prizes of progressive jackpot games on the other hand are dynamic as they keep rising with each spin. The prizes only come down once the jackpot is won as it is at that point that the prize will start accumulating once again. Jackpot games offer an advantage in that in addition to aiming for the paytable prizes, players also stand a chance of hitting the jackpot and scooping some big payouts. Essentially, this means during gameplay, players will be chasing after two prizes on each single spin!

  • Popular Games Are Popular for a Reason

One of the most self-evident things in the slots industry is that there are some overly popular games. The thing is, these popular games are popular for a reason. Precisely because of this, its advisable for players to give preference to such games.

Round Up

As we conclude, players ought to note that online slots are highly popular and their popularity proves why casino beginners should give them a try. Online casino like Mega Casino World is one of the top online casino in Dhaka that you should try it out. This necessitated by the fact that the popularity of slots largely stems from their simplicity which makes them appealing to casino beginners. At the same time, their high popularity stems from the fact that they rank amongst the best paying casino games hence settling for them isn’t a worrisome thing.

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