Play Roulette Casino Games in Dhaka

roulette casino games in dhaka

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games globally. Its difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why roulette is popular but its safe to say that one of the reasons behind this popularity is the portrayal of the game in the media. When casino operators are advertising their gambling products or when movie producers come up with gambling themed movies, they tend to love showcasing that big red and black roulette wheel. This, in essence, leaves many people associating the big red and black wheel with casinos and gambling.

In Bangladesh, roulette is as just as popular as it is across the entire world. Many Bangladeshi players when they settle at online casinos do so with the intention of engaging and playing online roulette. In this article, we are going to take time in showcasing to all players the steps they need to do if they want to start playing roulette in Bangladesh. Before we do that however, lets just check out what roulette really is and what it entails to the player.

Understanding the Game of Roulette

The origins of roulette are clouded in mystery. This necessitated by the fact that there are many theories forwarded trying to explain how the game of roulette developed to be what it is today. While this is the case, its safe to say that the origins of the major variants of roulette can be traced to heyday France and the US. Most theories agree to the assertion that the traditional game of roulette originated in France. It’s believed that the game thanks to soldiers moving from one country to another during various battles and wars managed to reach other European countries such as Britain and Germany. As the game reached the new destinations, its rules and playing structure slightly changed – in so doing, the modern European roulette game was developed.

From Europe, the game of roulette did reach the American continent. When it reached the American continent, the game of roulette was enhanced further. This enhancement saw an extra pocket added to the roulette wheel. The extra pocket added is the double ‘00’ green pocket. The addition of this extra pocket thus differentiates European roulette which comes with 37 pockets (1-36 evenly divided between red and black pockets while the extra ‘0’ is a green pocket) and American roulette which comes with 38 pockets.

How to Play Roulette

Having taken a look at the origins of roulette, lets briefly check out how roulette is played and the most popular roulette bets. Roulette offers a simple gameplay experience. When it comes to this game, players are instructed to make their bets first. There are numerous bets that can be placed when playing roulette. The most common and straightforward ones include picking the pocket that the ball will rest in at the end of the spin, picking a group of numbers that the ball may rest in, betting on whether the red pockets or the black pockets will win (ball rest in them) at the end of the spin. Once players have placed their bets, the next thing is to wait for the dealer to spin the wheel. At the end of the wheel spin, players depending on the pocket the ball rests in and their bets will see if they have won or not.

With all of us now in the know when it comes to playing roulette, lets check out the step by step guide that outlays how players in Bangladesh can start playing roulette at online casinos in Dhaka.

01. Choose the Online Casino to Play at

The very first step that players need to do when it comes to playing roulette in Dhaka is to search for online casinos like Mega Casino World that offer roulette as one of its gambling products offerings. Its important however on this front to check other parameters as its also important to play roulette at safe and secure casinos. To ensure that the casinos they are settling at are safe and secure, players need to check the casino’s licensing info as well as its safety and security protocols that it puts in place to safeguard and protect players online.

02. Register your account at the online casino

The next step is to register your account at the online casino. Registering accounts at online casinos is a simple task as players just need to share with the casino their basic personal details. At the same time, they need to choose their preferred security credentials. The security credentials will be used for all future login purposes.

03. Deposit Funds

Once the player account has been created, the next step that players need to do is to load the account with some funds. To load the account, players need to make their first deposit. One of the most impressive attributes of most online casinos in Bangladesh is the fact that some casinos accept the local currency for payment. This means players can make deposits using the local currency.

04. Enter the Lobby and Choose the Perfect Roulette Game to Play

After the player loads his account with funds, all that’s left is to head over to the casino lobby. Once inside the lobby, players will need to search for the perfect roulette game to play. As earlier stated, players ought to note that roulette comes in different variants. The most common however are European Roulette and American Roulette. Each of these variants comes with its own pros and cons. Therefore, depending on the player’s conclusion, the player will need to pick the variant to play and proceed to start playing the game.

Round Up

In recent times, it has become apparent that most Bangladeshi players are fond of roulette. Well, if you are one such player who loves roulette, then this guide will come handy to you as it illustrates step by step all the steps that players need to take in order to start gambling sessions playing roulette at online casinos in Bangladesh.

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